Sunday, July 10, 2011

Male Mind ~~

Some studies have often mentioned that the mind contains male sexual fantasies. But a recent study, as reported by Fox News, find other things that often appear in the mind of man. What is it?

Terri Fisher, a psychologist at the University of Ohio, United States, conducted a study of 163 female students and 120 students. They were asked to choose another subject is thinking every thought about sex arise.

The students do not often think about sex, so not many topics that they choose. But the interesting thing is the result of research students. If given the choice of other topics that they think other than sex, it turns out they chose the most sleep and food topics.

Sleep and food selected by 60 percent of students to take her mind off things smelling of sex. Not only that, research by Fisher also break the idea that men think about sex every seven seconds. According to his research, men think about sex every 158 seconds.


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