Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Crowning of Miss Florida USA 2012 Karina Brez

It isn’t everyday that you have the opportunity to hop on a plane, travel to South Florida, soak up a little bit of sun, witness the crowing of Miss Florida USA 2012 and meet some pretty awesome people who made it all possible. I live such a difficult life…please pray for me. icon wink The Crowning of Miss Florida USA 2012 Karina Brez

Miss Florida USA 2012 Pageant

Thanks to Grant H. Gravitt Jr., the executive producer of the Miss Florida pageant and Telair Productions, The Pageant Planet served as one of the media correspondents for pageant’s preliminary and final competition. I spent both nights tweeting and updating FaceBook to all our lovely and loyal followers about the pageant. Additionally we were able to get some exclusive interviews with a former Miss Florida USA, the lst winner up of the competition, Miss Florida Seminole and snap a few pictures with Miss Florida USA 2011 Lissette Garcia.
Miss Florida USA 2012 Karina Brez

And of course the fun didn’t stop there…we were also granted access to the popular wrap party where the newly crowned Miss Florida USA 2012 Karina Brez gave her acceptance speech. The 24 year-old of Wellington, FL appeared to be genuinely thrilled and humbled to have the crown of Miss Florida USA 2012. She exclaimed that was excited to compete for the Miss USA crown very soon in hopes of advancing to the Miss Universe pageant.
Show Miss Florida USA 2012 Karina Brez Your Support

You can show your support and encouragement for Miss Florida USA 2012 by leaving her a comment in the section below. Best of luck Karina! And a major thank you goes to Telair Productions for allowing The Pageant Planet to be a part of this awesome production.

Oh, and if your wondering where the video interviews are from the Miss Florida USA 2012 pageant hold your pretty little horses because they are on the way.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Η Pippa και οι άλλες...!!!

Δεν πρόλαβε να χωνέψει καλά-καλά το σάλο που προκάλεσε, με την καλή έννοια, για το θέμα της εντυπωσιακής της εμφάνισης στο γάμο της αδελφής της, και η Pippa βλέπει στα μανταλάκια περιοδικά με φωτογραφίες της από τα παλιά.

Η συγκεκριμένη φωτογραφία της 27χρονης κουνιάδας του Γουίλιαμ, όπου φορά ένα μοβ σουτιέν και χορεύει με έναν ημίγυμνο άντρα, δημοσιοποιήθηκε από το
US Magazine και αναπαράχθηκε κατά κόρον στο Internet, ενώ έγινε θέμα και στα μεγάλα τηλεοπτικά δίκτυα.

Η Pippa βέβαια, δεν είναι η μόνη που προκαλεί πονοκέφαλο στο Μπάκιγχαμ – το ίδιο συμβαίνει με τις ξαδέλφες του Γουίλιαμ, τις κόρες δηλαδή του αδελφού της Νταϊάνα, Earl Spencer.

Στο γάμο, οι Amelia, Eliza και Kitty φορούσαν καπέλα του Philip Treacy

Το φόρεμα που φορούσε την ημέρα του γάμου η λαίδη Kitty, για παράδειγμα, θεωρήθηκε το πιο προκλητικό της ημέρας: σχεδιασμένο από την Victoria Beckham στο χρώμα του δέρματος, ήταν στενό και είχε έντονο κόψιμο στο μπούστο, αποδεικνύοντας ότι το περιοδικό Tatler έπραξε ορθά όταν ανέδειξε την 20χρονη ως το πιο περιζήτητο κορίτσι της Βρετανίας. Οι 18χρονες δίδυμες αδελφές της ήταν πιο σεμνές...

Οι δίδυμες Eliza και Amelia ξεφαντώνουν στο Κέιπ Τάουν

Στην Νότια Αφρική όπου μένουν μόνιμα τα κορίτσια από το 1995, δεν είναι τόσο προσεκτικές. Τα νεότερα «κατορθώματα» των τριών πλατινέ καλλονών αποκαλύφθηκαν από φωτογραφίες τους που ‘ανέβασαν’ φίλοι τους στο Facebook και είναι από ‘έξαλλες’ βραδιές στο Κέιπ Τάουν...

Οι φωτογραφίες που προκαλούν: Οι δίδυμες και η μεγαλύτερη αδελφή τους, λίγο πιο πέρα...

«Οι δίδυμες είναι απλές, δεν επιδεικνύουν τη συγγένειά τους με τη βασιλική οικογένεια και δεν θέλουν να ξεχωρίζουν από το πλήθος. Όμως όταν η Kitty βγαίνει στα club, συμπεριφέρεται σαν celebrity» λένε καλά πληροφορημένες πηγές.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Taylor Lautner Is Giorgio Armani's New Spokesmodel!

To be 17 years old and to be Giorgio Armani's new spokesmodel (replacing David Beckham) must be a huge achievement for Taylor Lautner. The Twilight star is set to follow the soccer player and become the next face and body for the Italian fashion house Armani Exchange brand. It seems that Taylor has already negotiated a multi-million dollar contract, but Armani will keep the deal secret until Taylor turns 18 in February. "Giorgio has offered Taylor a deal rumored to be worth millions for the ads. Taylor is flattered and really considering it", In Touch Weekly writes quoting an inside source.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Elsewhere In The World Brazilian Teenager Dies After “Spanking Monkey” 42 Times Without Stopping!!

So essentially he was “beaten” to death. Too soon? Our bad…

A 16-year-old boy died after masturbating 42 times without stopping in Rubiato town, in Goiás region, Brazil.

His mother told a local newspaper that she already knew about his son’s addiction and that she planned to see the doctor, but the decision came too late.

The young man began to masturbate at midnight and spent the whole night to compulsively touch himself.

At school, his classmates commented on the boy’s problem and some said he asked them to connect to the webcam for being observed.

They further said that his attraction to women was extreme; he was attracted to all kind of women, regardless of texture physics, color and age.

In his room a great amount of pornography was found, including photographs and videos of nude women that were saved on his PC.

First off the phrase “the decision came too late” was a terrible choice of words. Second, we can only assume that this young man died from lack of food or water because to jizz 42 times would take a LONG time. R.I.P. young man…

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hot Guy Fashion Show

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Alejandra Maglietti

Friday, August 26, 2011

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